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Dgeour Semper

                      Jack the Ripper

                         full audio story

Now told on the tit theatre page.... Act 1 this month, act 2 next month... Then penny pen writes the twist....

Look out For Our Featured Artists Page.... From Now On We will Feature an up and Coming Artist Each Month... THE Artist at the End of April 2017 with the most listened Hits will be Offered An Album Contract by BIG TIT... BiG TIT WILL PICK UP THE TAB.... So Artists send your tRacks for Our Team to Listen to them... You could be One of Our Featured Artists... Your Track will be placed on our website and Radio Semper for one Month... Chummy Bat Stat will let you know your stats at the End of The Month... So Send Your Tracks to drew71@Live.co.uk... .... This Months Featured Artist is Jigawotts,..... Listen to his songs in interview fashion.....So Send In your Tracks to win an Album Contract.... The Chum Gang Say, Go For It!

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You can Now listen to Radio Semper right here on our website... t-i-t-productions.rocks

Looney Tunes, Dog,Gog, Devil,lived


Swing Your Thing

Swing Your Sting,, dance with thr Thing! You can Now connect Radio Semper to your dance parties....

"Dog God Devil Lived" album release is nearly finally finished... Semper goes into recording Soon... Look out for Our New Release "Semper and the Chum Gangs Greatest Hits" http://cdbaby.com/cd/semperthechumgangsgreate   Also You can catch Radio Semper Right Here on our website! And Last but not least Look out for our featured Artist Page, Last Month was " Xcoobs Blue"  Fantastic sounds and Brilliant interview with an  up and coming Star of the future... says Churnie Burnie tit theatre's music and arts director..... This Months Artist is Jigawotts....