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Dgeour Semper

Featured Artist Comp is Back after a Winter Review, Artists taking part for the Lucrative Big tit Album deal Continue tomorrow at midnight with smooth operator David Gilmour...... Jigawotts still top the table on 708PTS.... Please continue with your Support for The Artists in the Comp... We only have one more Artist to go before the voting Closes which will be the fantastic sounds of Terry Oldfied.....

    Its Sick , Sick, Sick "Jack the Ripper" Act 2,

Released today..... World Wide Exclusive......... Be Warned, Adults Only Stuff, Sick, sICK, sICK....                        


               The all Woman

                         Pepsi Rock Group

We at tit-productions are seeking 3 females to form the Girls Rock Group "The Pepsi's"

        And to tour with Semper on the  "Bread and Water Tour"

Please see the Auditions page for full Details!

                         Jack the Ripper

                       full audio story

Now told on the tit theatre page.... Act 1 this month, act 2 next month... Then penny pen writes the twist....

Look out For Our Featured Artists Page.... From Now On We will Feature an up and Coming Artist Each Month... THE Artist at the End of April 2017 with the most listened Hits will be Offered An Album Contract by BIG TIT... BiG TIT WILL PICK UP THE TAB.... So Artists send your tRacks for Our Team to Listen to them... You could be One of Our Featured Artists... Your Track will be placed on our website and Radio Semper for one Month... Chummy Bat Stat will let you know your stats at the End of The Month... So Send Your Tracks to .... This Months Featured Artist is Nathan Sanders..... Listen to his songs in interview fashion.....So Send In your Tracks to win an Album Contract.... The Chum Gang Say, Go For It!

      We will also be going live on cam Soon, so look out for live topical discussions... Coming Sooooon....!

We Hope you enjoy, Our T-I-T pAGES... Our Aim at T-I-T is to create a smile on every readers Face... We hope You will Join the T-I-T fAMILY AND THE cHUMMY gANG BY joiNING OUR EMAILING LIST, gO on! jOIN THE cHUM GANG AND bE a t-i-t!

If You Need to speak to one of our Guys please email Drew on the contact page 

Sempers Greatest Hits New Spring Album Release on Sale Now!

Tinder Box Sound add Radio Semper to Your Party...

Looney Tunes, Dog, God, Devil, lived

Chummy & Giggles

The Ballad

Released tonight!

Exclusive to CDBaby Only.............................

Featured Artist after a two month Review of Artists so Far.... Our Next Artist is David Gilmour, if you like smooth, this is smooth..

 Jigawotts still lead the Comp with 708pts..

To join the tit Clan, email drew at Do not use the contact bars or Do It! Button... Tech hitch.... IF you have been trying to contact us and the Chum Gang over the past year, please try again on the emails provided...   or


We apologise for this error and tech trouble...We are getting signs that the Tech Trouble is Getting Healthier... Please Keep trying to get through on the Email Provided for Puzzle Comps, And Music Comps etc, etc, etc....

Signed.. The Big TIT listen to Radio Semper right Here!

Swing Your Thing

Chummy & Giggles

        The Ballad

Hit Single Released tonight Exclusive to CDBaby...

Featured Artist This month Is

     David Gilmour/ Smooth Rock all the Way,The Next Def Leppard.....


still top the table...

Its Here....World Exclusive!

  t-i-t-Theatre Presents

                  Sick, Sick, Sick    

"Jack the Ripper" Act2

Be Warned, Adults Only,

  Sick, Sick and Sick.....

Swing Your Sting,, dance with the Thing!

     You can Now connect Radio Semper to your dance parties...

"Dog God Devil Lived" album release is nearly finally finished... Semper goes into recording Soon... Look out for Our New Release "Semper and the Chum Gangs Greatest Hits"  

 You can now catch Radio Semper Right Here on our website! And Last but not least, Look out for our featured Artist Page, The Nom 1 spot is still,           "Jigawotts"  Fantastic sounds and Brilliant interview with an up and coming Star of the future... says Churnie Burnie tit theatre's music and arts director.....

Last months artists           "Ghost Dancers" from the south American Maya tribe.. Have taken 2nd spot with 461pts with Res now in 3rd spot....

Its Sick, Sick, Sick "Jack The Ripper" Act 2 , released today

3-10-2016....... Adults Only... Be warned, Adults only...