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Just The Shop
Just the Shop, Dancing with Pop..... Sponsors of Semper !
Blackpool / Lytham Rd, Sponsors, Music Of Semper
Just the Shop Dancing to Pop...!

Just the Shop Dancing to Pop

                                      Just the Shop Your Cooking Pot.......

                              Lytham Rd,, Blackpool!

Past Dates

Saturday, March 19th, 2016

New spring Album Release Sempers Greatest Hits Guest Stars the Chum Gang - New Spring Album Release
New Spring Album Release
cdbaby, Album Release

Sponsored by  

                "Just The Shop"

Blackpool, Lytham Rd

                             The Shop with the Pop..........

New Spring Album Release: Sempers Greatest Hits Guest Stars the Chum Gang..........   

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Lonesome Child/ New rock single release 11/11/15
Christmas single release 2015
Huddy Puddy Song/ New Christmas song release 11/11/15
Price: You can listen to lonesome child and the huddy puddy song on Radio Semper

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Radio Semper - 24/7
Starting on The 1st of June its Summer on Radio Semper...
It's 60s week, 70s week, 80s week, All Summer June, It's The Station That Fly's.... Fly with Semper
Price: Fun, Fun and Fun....

         Tune Into ! "Radio Semper"

             "This summer it's Music on The Beach"

 It's FUN Sun June........ 60s week, 70s week, 80s week, and 90s week.... On Semper Radio, Starting June the 1ST..... 

The portable radio station.... It's the station of the Beach....... Blackpool Beach.....

                Round the Corner of the Beach, is!

                         "Just The Shop"

                       Pop as you Shop.... "Shop at the Top"

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