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Chum Gang Puzzle page

             Welcome to the

                                Chum Gang Puzzle page....

"Its valentines month, so why don't you have a little love moment with your loved ones... When you have worked out whats wrong in each picture, Email you answers to Giggler Chum to The Comp finishes on the 14th of Feb 2017... The 1st name out the hat wins £20 Chummy Pounds...     Yes! its Cash Prizes Chum Members..... Go For It!


Sadly Nobody won the £20... It must have been allot harder than the Chum Gang thought.....

1/ The shells are of a walnut but the kernel come out of the walnut is the Kernel of A Brazilian Nut.... 2/The little Girl is looking at the moon, which is a position never seen by you of the moon.... Only DJ Vampire has the compass....... 3/The man's buttons on the coat, should be on the right side of the Coat as it over laps..... 4/This Chicken has a Ducklings Beak.... 5/ A lion does not climb a tree, although some members of the Cat tribe Do, Some with Thumbs..... 6/Hens, Chickens never enter a brook, pond or river for the purpose of taking a swim......... 7/Tigers do not eat grass or hay... They only live on Flesh, they are carnivorous... As are the ones standing on two legs with thumbs... Mmmmm.......... 8/The Rabbit has a Squirrel's tail.... 9/This curious animal is an echidna, commonly called the Australian Ant Eater.... In this drawing it has the hind legs of an ornithorhynchus.... The Hind legs of the Orchidna are shaped backwards and outward and are not webbed...... 10/ The Antelope is found in hot countries not cold or arctic regions..... 11/ The Boy is mounting the pony from the wrong side... The correct position is to mount from the left or near side... Not its neck... Only DJ Vampire does that... Mmmmmm 12/The boy is writing with his right, the mirror is also showing him using his right, where as a mirror reverses everything that it reflects...

These are the answers to puzzle 1... We will try and keep it easier for the Hackers...... look out for Puzzle comp 2, Also £20 to the winner..... Coming Soon on Chum Gang Puzzles.... Go For It!


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Featured Artist after a two month Review of Artists so Far.... Our Feb-March Artist David Gilmour, Goes Top Spot with Smooth Moves and A Staggering 1468pts ...smooth, this is smooth..

 Jigawotts Go Second Spot with 708pts..

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Christmas is over Chum Members... We have a great year Ahead, We have Much Science, History and Music facts to share, over the next year... It all starts in April with our Charts... So send in your tracks to see if your music can Make the number One Spot and maybe gain the prestieges Big Tit single of the year Award... We finish our Featured Artist Award with the Last two featured Artists... With Terry Oldfield and Sally as well as the Prince of R&B Memphis Gold.... So Please Chum Fans Go for it! The Race isnt over until its Over as The New Top Spot has been taken over by David Gilmour with a Staggering 1468pts... Jigawotts go to second spot after sitting on the Top Step for the last 5mths... Look out for The Sci-fi Confrences... Look out for Our own Miss Penny Pen Articles... Miss Greedy Pigs Chum Gang Cook Book and The Misery Chum Files... Its going to be a Great Year Chum Members... Go for It!  

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Featured Artists This month are: Terry & Sally Oldfied with the sounds of Wings And The Prince of R&B Memphis Gold...

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 You can now catch Radio Semper Right Here on our website! And Last but not least, Look out for our featured Artist Page, The Nom 1 spot is Now Feb Featured Artist, David Gilmour with his Angelic Rock Soul Sound... His total is a Staggering 1468.. JigaWotts Now to Second Spot, Ghost Dancers in Third with 461 Pts and Res Now in Fourth Spot with 401 ... The Talent is Flying Churnie Burnie, tit theatre's music and arts director....

Its Sick, Sick, Sick "Jack The Ripper" Act 2 , released today

3-10-2016....... Adults Only... Be warned, Adults only...