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Sadly Some Featured Artists aren't giving interviews: This Restricts your scores and lack of knowledge from interested parties, such as readers, listeners and any prospective true record labels... And with lack of incite through interview, you are not only showing disrespect to me but to others, and especially to yourself... And while your showing disrespect to all concerned, why should people vote for you... Because all your doing is showing you don't deserve any respect back.. And showing, what you would be like if you ever become rich... ETC ETC ETC... One, you most reliably would forget who helped you get their... Two, you've already shown you don't have a heart for the Arts in any shape or form... Three, don't think your funny because Giggles is.... You will see, trust me on that One!

We also apologies for anyone that has been trying to contact us, we have been working on some tech trouble and we are hoping that it has been fixed... Please feel free to contact us, even just to check that it has!

            Its sad when people give their word and then break it! 

                    .... See you all soon....

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