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Are you a T-I-T, IF NOT, THIS IS THE PAGE that gives you the chance to join our family of T-I-T...

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 26th 9th 2016...


                    The Pepsi's

 Searching for 3 females to create The Female Rock Group

               "The Pepsi's"  

They will be offered a two year, two album Record Deal....................... You will tour by motor home through Europe, As backing Group To Semper on:

     " Radio Road Show"

          Its the "Bread And Water Tour"

Female Tour Manager Required for:

           "Bread and Water tour:

    To have development Skills and Budgeting Skills:

The Tour will be of 5mths touring, one mth back to visit Granny and tell her all about the Adventures you have had. Then Back on tour for another 5mths etc, etc... Until review of 2 yr contract date:

    The 3 Pepsi's and tour manager will be single females 16 to 45, the tour managers age is not applicable... But youthful character of nature an advantage:

Honesty and willing to work with a professional aptitude; On training, in all departments will be given if required,. Including, Singing, learning simple tricks of musical instruments. Tricks of the Circus: Magic if you wish, the tents will be themed, everything else is classified on routines and themes.. etc,etc...

   The main objective for the 3 Pepsi's, is to perform on Sempers music, write their 1st album in one year of touring. You will maintain the travelling tents after rehearsals... The Tour will travel with a Water Bouncy Castle, A Marquee tent. Professional lights, all stage products:

            We will add to the Road Show as we Go... Being able to Paint on Canvas, Budget a house, Wash Daily, Non Drinker, And A fun Character, would be an advantage as well as being able to drive... Oh forgot to say, cool if you could cook and wash dishes!

The Tour Manager will be in Charge of Funding and acquiring funding, you will locate Rostas, Its Your Project, Answerable Only to BIg t-i-t...                        On the Job training is Given... You will start with £30 for two hours a month until The Bread and Water caravan Enters the Stage, Developing the Tour.... You will also allocate wages and rostas as we go...

You will all have a professional Aptitude...

   After The Pepsi's write and record their 1st album. They will be given 100% of their album sales... Your Album, Will be Sold World wide to all known Record Stores, Geezer, Itunes etc, etc.   

The tour manager will be given 50% of all gates:

         It wont be easy, But it will be Fun.......

Titi tit, big tits daughter says!

             Apply Now, not tomorrow, Now!


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So if you have fun for Adventure,

                           The Chum Gang Say

                                             Go for It! 




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Looney Tunes, Dog, God, Devil, lived

Chummy & Giggles

The Ballad

Released tonight!

Exclusive to CDBaby Only.............................

Featured Artist after a two month Review of Artists so Far.... Our Next Artist is David Gilmour, if you like smooth, this is smooth..

 Jigawotts still lead the Comp with 708pts..

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Swing Your Thing

Chummy & Giggles

        The Ballad

Hit Single Released tonight Exclusive to CDBaby...

Featured Artist This month Is

     David Gilmour/ Smooth Rock all the Way,The Next Def Leppard.....


still top the table...

Its Here....World Exclusive!

  t-i-t-Theatre Presents

                  Sick, Sick, Sick    

"Jack the Ripper" Act2

Be Warned, Adults Only,

  Sick, Sick and Sick.....

Swing Your Sting,, dance with the Thing!

     You can Now connect Radio Semper to your dance parties...

"Dog God Devil Lived" album release is nearly finally finished... Semper goes into recording Soon... Look out for Our New Release "Semper and the Chum Gangs Greatest Hits"  

 You can now catch Radio Semper Right Here on our website! And Last but not least, Look out for our featured Artist Page, The Nom 1 spot is still,           "Jigawotts"  Fantastic sounds and Brilliant interview with an up and coming Star of the future... says Churnie Burnie tit theatre's music and arts director.....

Last months artists           "Ghost Dancers" from the south American Maya tribe.. Have taken 2nd spot with 461pts with Res now in 3rd spot....

Its Sick, Sick, Sick "Jack The Ripper" Act 2 , released today

3-10-2016....... Adults Only... Be warned, Adults only...