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The Chum Gangs FiFO Spit Awards

                            The Chum Gangs FIFO SPIT Awards

                              "Football IS Flem Organisation"

Each week our sports Expert Boot Ball Chum will award in style, points to the football player who spits in the better style, the awards are open, to managers and coaching staff as well as the referee...

The exclusive yearly Awards are in Categories...

1/ The Grog Award

2/ The Spit Award

3/ The Bubble Spit Award

4/ Snot Trot award "Born on the 15th of Jan 2016=2017 season":

  Today Is Grog Trod Sunday.. 

Boot Ball Chum update:  The Great Seville vs The Great Real Madrid..... 0v0 Half Time, very little action apart from an attempted spitter titter... Action ongoing : Update: Renaldo Scores in the 65th min, without any , here's a trick for you or Spit award awarded... 

                                          It was a penalty!   "Boot Ball Chum update still ongoing....... Boot Ball Alert " Looks like a massive OG by Real Madrid Nom 11... Seville Back in the Game.... 1Vs1... Update in the 91st min Seville go 2=1 up.. The Chum Gang Comeback... Sevillie Chum... Seville with a famous Victory... No Spit Awards or Diving medals in this One Big tit....

               Between The City's Of  "Liverpool and Manchester"

                    City of Liverpool 1

                    City of Manchester 0

 An Easy 4-0 Victory For Everton As the Snotter Potter tactic Was introduced to the Tactical Play Book by COLEMAN OF Everton On the Halo Ground of Goodison.... In the 18th min A SmotY Potty move gained the Goodison Play the 10 Snot trot Pts... Well Done on the Result lads... Article by Boot Ball Chum.... Were all looking forward to the Next Match... Soon on the Big TV...

                                             On Super Grog Trod Day...

   Man Utd vs Liverpool  "The Battle of Cities continues" 

                               Boot Ball Report Soon...

This Match was quite Dull, that Dull I didnt Really watch it, Dull!

                      Man Utd 1 vs 1 Liverpool

 The City of Liverpool, 1 and a half,,,

The City of Manchester, A Half,,,,,,,,,    

 Tonight Boot Ball Chum has awarded the great Man utd player Wayne Rooney the ten points for a stylish display of Bubble Spit, he timed his moves well before being substituted in tonight's semi final 1st leg victory against Hull... He looked tired as he walked off with his final Bubble spit, obviously he has been eating to much carbons but working hard on his style in front off Mrs Charlton Sitting in the stands with Hubby Bubby and obviously looking forward to a ham sandwich after the match with her Hubby discussing Man Utds tactics off lets spit on our own Home park to stick our opponents feet to the Ground to score.... The Man utd Manager nearly won a Grog award, you could see his cheeks thinking with his Brows, but sadly the Home fans didnt get the full flail as he decided not to go for it... Anyway all put aside

1/ Rooney, for a stylish display of Bubble Spit   10pts.....

2nd league Cup Semi Final 1st leg...

          Virgil+ Southampton, Nom 17 , snot nose  award of ten points... Southampton went on to score in the 20th min "with a pick it out Goal" Lallana... Did Howard Hughes not have a conversation about a lamb a.... With a Pan Am Person... Slides are doing well in the football world today......

   The Championship

         Reading vs QPR

   Bubble Spit has Done Well in this match, lua lua , warming up as an on coming sub for Syll a, gave a Bubble spit warm up Routine, that would give the crowd a guide line of what sauce to order in their hotdogs at half time.. CHILDREN ORDER Mustard.... BUBBLE SPIT was the main performer as teams fought for promotional places .... Just before full time jamie mackie of QPR being substituted "On the out" came the Grog of the Match... 10pts Jamie Mackie.....14/01/17 

Spurs Vs WBA 

     As the Spurs lead 2-0, spurs Manager on the 65th min "So many Seconds" Mau Ri Cio,     produces a stylish Bubble Spit. Home Park Tactics... The Old Stein, and Wallace style was to have the Ground staff use water hoses... Obviously Cutbacks have transferd us to such a scientific world of Slidey Tactics: Gobby Chum " Chum Gang Foota Manager, "I cant Imagine how their wives feel being spat on during sex"..... Medi Chum "Works in Big Tits Freelance Science Group".. Im not going to go into the sexual deceases it causes, but more of the embarrasment they must feel that they cant get their wives and girlfriends Wett........ They say theirs something about Chummy Wallace, even in Football... He agrees with the Hose Pipe not the Spit Pipe,,,,  


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Featured Artist after a two month Review of Artists so Far.... Our Feb-March Artist David Gilmour, Goes Top Spot with Smooth Moves and A Staggering 1468pts ...smooth, this is smooth..

 Jigawotts Go Second Spot with 708pts..

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